Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIPocalypse #1

The month of January has almost gotten away from me. It has been a very busy month filled with appointments, work and the topper of the month was Alexis being hospitalized for a sickle cell crisis. Fortunately, it was a brief stay and she is better. Though still with the occasional pain. This
fickle weather doesn't help either. Hot in the morning and cool at night!  Anyway, I digress  as I here for the very first WIPocaplyse posting. I have been stitching amazingly enough even with all that's being going on.

First up is Tulip Manor by Blackbird Designs. It's being stitched on a random piece of 30 count R and R linen with the recommended threads!  I have been working on this piece for awhile, just picking it up when I felt like it and then it just started calling my name. I hope to have this one finished by the next posting. 

Next up is another Blackbird piece Sarah's House. I had been promising to show this one for at least a couple of posts and finally here it be. Not much more on it either. It's being stitched on 
30 count Abecedarian blend with recommended cotton threads by Gentle Arts. The frog has visited me a few times on this piece and I became a little frustrated hence it's unfinished state. However, I will finish this soon as I love the pattern and the colors.  I am sorry for the less than stellar pictures but I wanted to get these in. I am off for a little stitching adventure tomorrow, more to come on that! Have a blessed week friends! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Joining the WIPocalypse

Towards the end of the 2012, my mind started going thinking of stitching projects I would like to work on. As you can see from the long and varied list below, it's a lot.  I have started several,  but only have a few stitches in as my project ADD kicked in and I moved on to another pattern.. Some are BAP's and I know I will not finish in 2013 but I would like to make significant progress on them. You also see a few by The Primitive Needle, I love Lisa's patterns and now I need to finish some!  The ones with asterisks are the ones I have started.  So I will begin and we will see how far I get with this. Hopefully, by participating in the WIPocalypse I will be motivated to get more stitching done!

If you would like to join the WIPocalypse you can find the info here.   Another great thing about the WIPocalypse is finding new blogs, getting to know new people and having someone  to cheer you on! Of course to add to my project distraction ,I have signed up for a couple of clubs. Bad Sharon! I signed up for the Ladies Prim Society with Dyeing 2 Stitch and The Prim Sister' Girls Club from Country Sampler.

This crazy list is in no particular order and I just added to it as things hit my brain:
Feast of Friendship by Blackbird Designs*
Tulip Manor by Blackbird Designs* completed Feb 2013
Sarah's House by Blackbird Designs*  completed 6/24/13
Jane Pattison 1806 by Shakespeare's Peddler*
Ragamuffin #2 by Shakespeare's Peddler
Let Your Life Speak by The Primitive Needle*
Tombstone Spots by The Primitive Needle*
The Flock by Samsarah Designs*
Shining Star by Samsarah Designs
Zombies by Prairie Moon*
Life is a Beach by Queenstown Sampler Designs
Maude Eloise 1891 by Blackbird Designs
Violets Blue by Blackbird Designs deleted from list 3/18/13
My Dear Sampler by Blackbird Designs
Folk Art Floral by From The Heart*
Thine is The Trick and The Treat by Prairie Moon*(This a SAL along with Jinger)
The Olde Settlement by The Primitive Needle*
Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers
The Big Red House by La D Da
Wild Garden by Blackbird Designs*
Christmas House Sampler by Abby Rose Designs
Queen of Quite a Lot by The Scarlett House  Completed 3/17/13
Merry Christmas by Blackbird Designs*
Love Letters: Fraktur by Ink Circles*
Frances Pool by With Thy Needle and Thread*
Feather's and Fins by Tempting Tangles
Ohio Treasure by Threadwork Primitives added 3/18/13
May Basket by Blackbird Designs added and completed 3/31/13
Wrought by My Hand by Pineberry Lane added and completed 4/17/13
The Sowing Sampler by Notforgotten Farm added and completed 5/13/13
ES Spot Motif Sampler by Of Female Worth
Harvest Moon by Island Cottage Needlearts added and completed 8/5/13
Mary's Sampler II by Plum Street Samplers added and completed 12/27/13
Happy New Year Freebie by Stitches by Cheri added and completed 12/29/13

There are some more I haven't purchased yet that I hope to eventually add to this list and they are
Christmas Garden by Blackbird Designs
Christmastide at Holly House  by  Scarlett House
Christmas at Hollyberry Farm by Stacy Nash
Summer at Hollyberry Farm by Stacy Nash

Ambitious aren't I? Well where would we be without a little or a lot of that? LOL I could go and add Frances Pool and that new one Red Cottage by Plum Street Samplers but I will try to control myself!  So much to stitch and sew little time to do it! Wish me luck my friends!

Last but not least is a finish that I did some time ago and forgot about!  This  is Purple Heart by Ewe and Eye and Friends/ I stitched it on 32 count purple iris linen with Anchor threads. This will probably be finished as an ornament. I bought an extra pattern and if anyone would like to have it, leave your name on this post and I will draw  a name on Monday, if more than one is interested. Thanks and thanks too if you have made it to the end of this post and have not laughed yourself silly at any of the aforementioned words. I am off to bed...xoxo

Edited to add: Southpaw Stitcher wins the pattern

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Last 2012 Finish and Happy New Year!

This is my last finish for 2012 Follow Your Art by Raise the Roof Designs. I stitched it for my daughter Alexis who over the last year has really been into drawing and painting. She is pretty good. I am amazed that both of my older children can draw as I can barely draw a straight line or a stick figure! LOL As you can see I was feeling crafty and picked up this little wooden crate from JoAnn's. I spray painted it cherry red. The piece itself is stitched on white linen with GAST and uses JABCO buttons. The hardest part was sewing the frou frou around it. On the back as you see below I spray painted the wooden sign create purple and attached it to the back of the crate. 

This is the back of the crate and below is the inside of the crate. Instead of leaving it plain I placed a fabric bottom. I really like the way it turned out. My daughter really liked it and it was a surprise Christmas gift under the tree for her. 

Lastly here are the kids right before Christmas coerced kindly taking a picture for me! Brandon on the left, followed by Alexis and Caleb. I never imagined having kids this age! It's very interesting and never a dull moment! Love these kids!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! May you be blessed by love, peace, prosperity and good health! I am off this week to spend some time with the kids and of course planning all sorts of stitching projects. More about those later!  Thanks for all your sweet comments on my Santa cube! Have a wonderfully blessed day friends!